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About Us

crickybet.com aims to promote transparency within the iGaming industry. We strive to assist users by providing them with the necessary resources to make informed decisions during their online gaming or betting sessions. With this goal in mind, we value transparency in our operations.

At crickybet.com, we strive to make your online sports betting and casino gaming sessions as enjoyable as possible. To accomplish this, we prioritize transparency in the gambling industry and strive to provide you with high-quality content, innovative designs, and cutting-edge technological solutions. And to achieve these goals, we recognize the importance of recruiting the best talent in the industry.

While many platforms charge for access to their content, at crickybet.com we believe in making it available to as many users as possible, free of charge.

However, because we’re committed to not imposing taxes or fees on our users, we must find alternative sources of revenue to sustain our platform.

Affiliate Marketing Business Model

At crickybet.com, our business model is primarily based on affiliation. With this commercial practice, gambling operators must pay crickybet.com a fee for the traffic redirected to their site from ours.

This traffic can be quantified by the number of clicks on the affiliate links inserted in our texts or images, as well as through the use of cookies. These enable us to detect whether a user has signed up with a gambling operator through the links on our site.

In practice, crickybet.com generates revenue from licensed gaming establishments through one or more of the following methods :

  • The first way to generate revenue is to receive a percentage of the operator’s profits from the redirected player’s sessions, as long as his account is active. This model is called “revenue sharing”;
  • The second model is cost per acquisition (CPA), where we receive a fixed commission every time a player signs up and deposits funds into their account after clicking on our affiliate links.
  • Finally, it’s possible to combine these two types of remuneration in order to get a better return on investment.

Are you wondering if this is a common practice? You are absolutely right! Many newspapers, travel sites, price comparison platforms, blogs, online bookmakers, etc. use this business model.

Furthermore, crickybet.com diversifies its revenue streams by selling ad space and hosting sponsored content on its platform. This allows gambling operators to gain exposure on our site, but they must pay for the privilege.

How Does This Practice Affect The Accuracy Of The Site’s Content ?

Our commitment to affiliate marketing does not detract from the accuracy and integrity of our content. We maintain an impartial stance in our articles and publications, with no financial bias influencing our recommendations of online bookmakers and casinos. We only endorse those sites that we believe offer the highest quality services and customer experiences.

Our reputation is built on the trust of our readers, and we would never compromise that trust by recommending a site that does not meet our high standards.

Our mission is to provide users with impartial advice and detailed information on all aspects of sports betting, casino games and other types of online activities. This allows them to become more successful sport bettors or more experienced casino players. We believe that honesty is the key to earning our users’ trust.

At times, we host sponsored content on our site, as do other information platforms. However, it’s important to note that the editorial decisions for sponsored content are not the same as those for the rest of the site’s content. In these cases, operators pay for visibility. To ensure our users can distinguish between sponsored content and content that is strictly based on our personal views, we always display a “sponsored” tag on paid content.

A Long-term Strategy

At our core, we believe that building a trusted brand is essential for long-term success. While this approach has caused some difficulties with operators who were unhappy with our reviews, we will never compromise our integrity by publishing false information that does not reflect our true opinions.

Fortunately, most of the operators we work with understand and appreciate our unwavering commitment to objectivity and accuracy, even when it means highlighting less-than-stellar aspects.

Our role is not to protect the image of our partner operators; rather, we strive to strike a balance between the positive and negative aspects to provide our users with a clear picture of what to expect when they sign up. In cases of serious non-compliance, we may even sever our collaboration with certain operators to uphold our standards.